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Traditional Unique Farmhouse in Messinia Peloponnese Greece

AgriTourism in Greece

Experience the essentials of slow living in the picturesque scenery of ancient Peloponnese. The isolated village of Glykorizi is located perfectly in between the mainstrream surfing beach of Lagouvardos , the hiking experience canyon of the waterfalls of Neda and the ancient city of Messene. The 2,3 acres farmhouse is ideal for family and friends as it is equipped with two houses. The 300 square meters main house has three double beds, two bunk beds, two bathrooms, one large living room and a kitchen while the second 70 square meters house has a double bed and a bathroom. The main house was built more than 250 years from stone and wood and was partially an olive mill and winery but we have now transformed it into a boutique farmhouse hotel so that our guests can experience the true traditional Greek lifestyle of old. The farmhouse can accommodate a total of 10 people and its perfect for families and large groups of friends.

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**Our Farmhouse can accommodate 1 to 10 guests.
The price remains fixed regardless.


Lagouvardos Surfing beach

Enjoy Surfing drills in Lagkouvardos Beach located only 40 minutes away from your farmhouse. Lagkouvardos Beach remains a top destination for surfers in Greece all year long. During the summer Lagouvardos becomes a mainstream destination for youngsters and families.

Agricultural experience

Messinia is knon worldwide for its olives and oliveoil production. The farmhouse is surrounded with ancient olive trees and apart of that you can also find small dairy shops with locally made food based on these products. Locally made bread and cheese, cooked meat and wine all made from local farms and vineyards.

Ancient Messene

The Ancient city of Messene was founded in 370BC to celebrate the liberation of the people of Messinia from the Spartan rule. It is located 50 minutes away from your farmhouse and presents an impresive arqueological site with an evelasting wall that positions the town as a top Greek archaeological site.

Waterfalls of Neda

Canyon of Neda 50min from your farmouse is an isolated canyon with rivers and waterfalls. Perfect for hiking and nature lovers who will encouter small creeks and huge trees. You will feel lost inside the limitless wild countryside. The jewel of this experience is at the end of the trail where you will find an ancient greek church where monks used to pray during WW2.

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Lagouvardos Surf

Waterfalls of Neda



Customer Reviews

Went hiking inside the canyon of Neda. The waterfalls were unreal.. Me and my friends also spent all our days at Lagouvardos beach surfing all day long.. What an experience!
Pete Michael
Came to the farmhouse not knowing what to expect and left with memories that i will cherish all my life. My kids and my family had the best time and we bonded will all the activites that were available to us. Just amazing!
Reeve Whithost